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Originating thousands of years ago, the practice of yoga most likely takes its roots from India.  With a largely spiritual background, yoga has just recently developed into a fitness technique and practice.  Due to its long history, yoga has many different approaches which include Anusara, Anada, Asthanga, Hatha, Power Yoga to just name a few.  While the techniques may differ, yoga has been long celebrated for its benefits in cleansing, toning, stretching and empowering the body.  Recent studies indicate the benefits of yoga as far reaching as treating or curing certain diseases or ailments.  Thus yoga, can complement or exist as a strong discipline to enhance the vitality of the entire body and life.

At Oni, we specifically chose a blend of yoga techniques including Vinyassa, Hatha, Asthanga and Power styles.  Taking the strengths from each, we created a unique but comprehensive approach to fully engage the mind and body.  Whether a first time practitioner or long term student, we seek to challenge and elevate your current practice leading to new heights of vitality.

Yoga Vinings | Yoga Smyrna | Candlelight Yoga 

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