Own Your Body

Located in the heart of Vinings, Oni Fitness studio is a specialized training boutique for the active lifestyle. Oni, which in Hawaiian means “body movement”, seeks to simplify the fitness experience and establish a baseline for long term wellness. Utilizing proven training techniques to develop stability, flexibility and strength, these goals are achieved through the practice of Pilates, Yoga, TRX Suspension Training and circuit training.

By empowering and inspiring, Oni serves to educate clients on unique ways to develop or complement fitness routines. Through personal instruction, group classes, educational seminars/workshops and nutritional counseling, Oni offers cutting edge concepts and methods to achieve lasting results. 
Since we are a studio and not a gym, we are able to provide personal instruction and care to each client. In the studio environment, we seek to engage the mind as well as the body to achieve total wellness.

Understanding the uniqueness of each person, we cater to your specific needs, adjusting our approach as appropriate. This sensitivity allows for a greater collective awareness and ability to overcome any perceived boundaries or limitations. While not just a pattern of movements, Oni is a philosophy to fully embrace life. At Oni, we do not believe in just living well, but living abundantly!